Miniature Journals by Jennifer Wolken
Blue Glass Pitcher by Sam Stang
Yellow and Red Glass Ball Vase by Sam Stang
Tan and Yellow Glass Vase by Sam Stang
Hand Embroidered Photos On Silk by Luanne Rimel
One Lavender-Scented Eye Pillow by Abby Fair
Glass Dish by Christine Feeburn
2-Pack Lavender Sachets by Abby Fair
Enameled Dishes by Kelly Draper
Glass DIsh by Suellen Parker
Handmade Soaps by Herbaria
Lavender Sachet 2-Pack by Abby Fair
Assorted Tea Towels
Cutting Board by Treestump Woodwork
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**25% Off** Embroidered Tea Towels by Coral & Tusk
"Army Of One-A" by Eye Gato
Blue Pyramid Army Painting by Eye Gato
Blue Pyramid Painting by Eye Gato
"Army Of One-C" by Eye Gato
"Shape Talk A" by Mary Ruth Butterworth
"Shape Talk B" by Mary Ruth Butterworth
"Shape Talk C" by Mary Ruth Butterworth
"Conjunctivitis" by Mary Ruth Butterworth
"Atmospheric Nonsense" by Mary Ruth Butterworth
Small Reclaimed Street Sign Brooches by Boris Bally
Large Reclaimed Street Sign Brooches
Street Sign Keychains by Borris Bally
Solid Graphite Fleur De Lys by Agelio Batle
Solid Graphite Snake On Branch Pencil by Agelio Batle
Solid Graphite Dragonfly Pencil by Agelio Batle
Solid Graphite Hand Pencils by Agelio Batle
Small Graphite Object by Agelio Batle
Spritile "Fulfillment" by Houston Llew
Iron Bottle Openers by Andrew Andrasko
Ceramic Mug by Malaika Tolford
Envelope Planter by Malaika Tolford
Wooden Burgundy Bowl by Jeff Hornung
Porcelain Mug by Pigeon Toe Ceramics
Porcelain Tumbler by Pigeon Toe Ceramics
Porcelain Mini Bowl by Pigeon Toe Ceramics
Blue Striped Bowl by C&M Ceramics
Herringbone Bowl by C&M Ceramics
Shot Glass by C&M Ceramics
Blue Striped Mug by C&M Ceramics
Herringbone Mug by C&M Ceramics
Blue Feather Mug by C&M Ceramics
7" Feather Plate by C&M Ceramics
7" Herringbone Plate by C&M Ceramics
3.5" Herringbone Dish by C&M Ceramics
Large Patterned Pouch by K Studio
Large Embroidered Pouch by K Studio
Tiny Crocheted Dinosaurs by Tia Crook
Pink Ceramic Cup by Ashley Bevington
Drip Cup by Brian Giniewski
Drip Mug by Brian Giniewski
Diamond Patterned Mug by Melissa Mencini
Zig Zag Mug by Melissa Mencini
Blue Patterned Mugs by Joyce Jones
"Seaspray" Vase by Teign Valley Glass
4 Magnet Key Rack by Trisa Haisma
Recycled Bamboo Plates by Donna Wilson